Planning is the key to starting and keeping a fitness routine. Start by writing down specific and manageable goals. Keep it simple and take baby steps. It is better to do less and build on your success than to move too fast and injuring yourself. Also, by writing things down and tracking your progress you can stay accountable as well as have tangible evidence when you look back. Make sure to build in a non-food reward such as a massage or pedicure when you reach a goal!

Here are my Top Three Tips for starting a Home Yoga Practice:

Tip Number 1
Define a space in your home that would work well for a yoga practice. You don’t need much more space than your mat, but you want the space to be enjoyable. If you live in a small space or share space with others then you will need to also define a place to store your yoga props when you are not practicing.

Tip Number 2:
Invest in a few good yoga props. They don’t have to be expensive, but you do have to like them. I recommend getting a good mat, one wooden block and an eight or ten foot yoga strap.

Tip Number 3:
Consistency is key. Use a variety of daily reminders to get you on the mat. Put it on your calendar, set alerts on your phone and build it into your daily routine so that it becomes as simple and thoughtless as brushing your teeth. A 20 minute routine is a good place to start, 5 minutes of stretching or yoga followed by a 15 minute walk.

Finally, recruit your friends and family into your fitness routine. Study after study has shown that team work keeps you exercising. Also, look for outside inspiration such as a class online or at a studio.